Upcoming Trends in Social Media Marketing: 2023

Social media has become a necessity in today’s world. Businesses have to stay connected with their customers 24/7, and they can’t do that by just using their phone. They need to use their computer, tablet, or smartphone too. That’s why social media marketing is so important right now. The future of social media marketing won’t be as much about creating posts as it will be about maintaining an audience through different means. Here are some of the major trends we expect to take place in the world of social media marketing in the next few years:

The Rise of Video Content Marketing

The rise of the video content marketing trend can be tracked back to a few factors. First, people prefer video over text-based content. That’s why the number of video views on Facebook and Instagram have increased dramatically in the last few years. Second, businesses have found that YouTube’s vast library of videos is a great way to teach and interest people in new products and services. Finally, brands are discovering that engaging and sharing videos on YouTube can lead to more leads and sales.

The Importance of Blogs

Blogging is on the rise, and with good reason. Blogs have been around for a long time, but they have recently been rediscovered by the Internet generation. Blogs have been around for about a decade, but now people are rediscovering them and they’re experiencing a boom in popularity. Blogs were originally referred to as usenet groups, and they were message boards where people would discuss various topics. Blogs are text-based websites that can be very lucrative, since people love to read and share content online.

Offline Activities Become More Important in Social Media

People love to interact with brands when they’re offline too. That’s why there’s an increasing trend towards creating more social media presences that are specific to social media—online and off. It’s not enough to just be online and expect people to be your customers. You also have to be there for them when they’re not using your products or services. That’s where offline activities such as meetups, events, and other social media-specific meetings become important.

MORE Advertisements, PLEASE!

Everyone loves ads, and it seems like people’s expectations for advertisements have grown exponentially over the years. Ads used to be a part of life online, but now people expect ads to be a part of their social media experience too. Ads used to run at the bottom of social media posts, but now they run above them. People crave variety and an occasional ad that doesn’t drain their energy or interrupt their flow is pretty much the norm these days.

Apps and Websites Become More Important in the Next Decade

Apps are already changing the way people consume media. With the rise of the Internet 2.0, apps became a more common way to consume media, and now they’re also becoming more important. Apps are more than just software programs anymore, and they can do things like track your social media engagement, send you emails when new content is ready, and deliver push notifications when you sign into your social media accounts. Apps can do all this because they’re powered by the same tech that runs social media platforms. That means that apps are easily integrated with social media, and people are slowly but surely coming to appreciate this.


Social media marketing has become an essential part of business communication and is expected to stay that way in the next decade. With all of these trends and advancements in marketing, it’s important for businesses to stay nimble and keep up with the latest trends in social media. With that in mind, here are a few tips for staying ahead in the social media game in the next decade:

When creating social media content, choose engaging topics that are interesting to your audience.

Thinking of ways to incorporate your brand in the content? Great! But do your research and be sure that linking to your brand in the content doesn’t come across as self-serving.

Focus on maintaining an audience, not creating new posts.

Social Media Marketing: The Future of Online Marketing