Privacy Policy

Insider Market Research is a company that is providing high-quality reports related to business research and market intelligence. The access to these reports complies with the terms and conditions of this website that is located at If any person places an order or through a third party like phone, email or online form, this mode of order placing and acceptance of the order by MRS is subject to be under the terms and conditions of Insider Market Research. This agreement provides the terms as well as the conditions for the repeal of the order and subsequently giving the authorization to access the website and the reports.

How about the information that is gathered by Insider Market Research?

The information that we gather from the customer helps us in personalizing as well as continuing delivery of the business information. The information that is entered by any of the visitors is stored on our databases. This information is used for helping our clients further by providing the appropriate solutions. The user also has the option not to provide any information; in this case, the user may not be able to experience the complete host of features that are offered by Insider Market Research. The IP address of the user can be used to diagnose any problem with our server and also to administer our site by creating statistical reports as well as tracking any errors. The information that Insider Market Research can be in any form like the information that is entered on the website or the information that is given in any other way.

Insider Market Research is very careful about your data. We know that you care about how the information about you is stored and used and shared. We appreciate the trust you place in us. By visiting Insider Market Research, you are accepting the practices that are described in this privacy notice.

The information that is provided by the user we used for any of the below-listed purposes:

  • Communicating with the user.
  • Responding to customer requests.
  • We are improving the products that we offer.
  • Customizing the shopping experience.

What about cookies?

Cookies are used to provide you with features like personalized information as well as the storage of the items in your cart in between your visits to the Insider Market Research website. These cookies are essentially identifiers that are alphanumeric and are transferred to your computer’s hard disk through your web browser. These cookies will help us recognize your browser. There are help portions in most of the toolbars of popular web browsers that will give you more information on how to prevent your web browser from accepting any new cookies and also notify you when you receive a new cookie. You may also disable cookies through this. Cookies allow you to get the complete personalized experience from Insider Market Research and it is recommended that you leave them turned on.

How secure is that information that you have about me?

Insider Market Research protects your information during the transmission by using a technology called the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This SSL software encrypts all of the information that you give as input. It is important that you sign out from your shared computer once you are done using the website. You should also not give anyone the information regarding your credentials to access this website.