Singapore Airlines Offers Compensation to Passengers Injured in Turbulence Incident

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(Source – Business Standard)

Singapore Airlines has announced compensation measures for passengers who were injured during a flight last month that encountered severe turbulence. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the carrier revealed that passengers who sustained minor injuries have been offered $10,000 each in compensation. Those with more serious injuries have been invited to discuss compensation offers, with an advance payment of US$25,000 being provided to passengers medically assessed as requiring long-term medical care.

Additionally, all passengers aboard the May 20 flight SQ321 from London to Singapore will receive a refund of the cost of their tickets, the airline stated. The Boeing 777-300ER was approximately 10 hours into its journey and midway through the meal service when it encountered turbulence over Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Basin.

Incident Details and Aftermath

The turbulence incident resulted in dozens of injuries and tragically claimed the life of a passenger. Geoff Kitchen, a 73-year-old British man, passed away from a suspected heart condition, according to Thai officials. Following the incident, the aircraft was diverted to Bangkok. Recent reports from Singapore-based broadcaster Channel News Asia indicate that around 10 passengers remained hospitalized in Thailand more than two weeks after the flight, with some being flown home in air ambulances.

The Advertiser, an Australian newspaper, shared the story of Kerry Jordan, one of the passengers who has been left paralyzed from the chest down as a result of the turbulence incident. Flight data from aviation tracking site FlightRadar24 revealed abrupt changes in altitude during the turbulence, with the disruption lasting approximately 90 seconds.

Compensation Details and Response from Singapore Airlines

Turbulence incidents such as the one encountered by Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 highlight the potential dangers faced during air travel. While aviation authorities continue to investigate the cause of the turbulence, the airline’s response in offering compensation to affected passengers reflects its commitment to addressing the aftermath of the incident. As passengers recover from their injuries and cope with the emotional and physical toll of the turbulence, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of passenger safety and the need for airlines to prioritize measures that mitigate the risks associated with turbulence encounters.

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